Trading ERP Software is the flagship product of Techlink. Techlink has invested more than 25 man years of effort in design and development of TRADEANNEX®. It has hundreds of installation - and ever growing - comprising Desktop, Enterprise LAN and Web-enabled Multilocation setup.

TRADEANNEX® is an ERP solution for your trading business. It brings to you a suite of integratedbusiness management and decision-making tools. It enables you to adapt best business practices as well as leading computing technologies accepted by the industry. It comprehensively covers customermanagement, supply chain and business accounting for small, medium and large trading enterprises. It creates greater room to grow your business rather than just manage it! TRADEANNEX® is robust bydesign. The tools, techniques and methodologies employed in developing TRADEANNEX® has made it futuristic, secured and scalable yet simple to use

TRADEANNEX® helps manage Sales, Purchase, Order Processing, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Excise for Traders, VAT, IT, TDS, FBT, etc. business processes of any Sales and Distribution company. .

is a add-on product that enables the user to access and transact from Branch, Sales Office or Warehouse on online real-time basis. This significantly reduces cost on travel,communication, postage, monitoring, manpower, and delays on account of inter-dependency between departments / staff.

TRADEANNEX® Business Intelligence
is a add-on product that enables the management to dig intothe data and draw facts as well as patterns. This is an important decision support tool for TRADEANNEX® users.

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A readymade business mart with built-in key performance indicators in Asset Management space.
Significantly enhances portfolio management and decision making capability.
upports enterprise drivers such as optimal TCO, productivity Gains, risk management & safety.
Easily fits into data warehouse & BI journey.

Asset Analytics is best suited for Utility & Mining Industry such as Water, Energy, Coal, Iron Ore, Petroleum & Gas and Asset Intensive Businesses.

This analytics tools will offer insight into key business processes performance and will help in identifying failure & underperformance patterns and safety implications, savings in maintenance costs and finally avoidance of significant post major incident costs through a proactive actioning.

Information Coverage

Business Opportunity Management
Techlink has a business opportunity management software that enables the sales organisation to manage contacts, leads, business funnel right up to closure of deal. It has interface to mass mailing software for easy broadcast of products and services that you offer. This software can be used as add-on to TRADEANNEX® as well.
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Brokerage Management
Techlink has a vast domain expertise in trading business management software. Brokerage Management software is a very full solution for entities that work on commission or brokerage basis with Vendors, Suppliers and Customers. This is integrated with TRADEANNEX® for Accounts Receivable and other Financial Accounting related business processes of the brokerage firm. For more details click here and for demo click here

Service Call Management
Techlink has been in the services business since inception. It has migrated from the manual way of managing the services to a automated system. Thus, Techlink developed a web-enabled Service Call Management software for internal use. The system is so useful that Techlink has started offering this as a product to its customers who are in services business. For more details click here and for demo click here

Hospital Management
Techlink has software solutions for large, medium as well as small hospitals. Techlink's HMS comprises Registration, Out-Patient Billing, Health Check-up Packages, In Patient Admission, In Patient Billing, Ward Services, Laboratory Services, Diagnostics Services, Operation Theatre Scheduling and Billing, Surgery Packages, Pharmacy, Material Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll, Purchase, Accounting, Medical Records, etc.You can view Techlink Hospital Management System Presentation and Techlink HMS Static Demo Slide Show  for greater understanding of the product. For more details click here

Warehouse Management
Techlink has software solution for managing third - party inventory. The software helps in tracking inward, in-house movement, outward, loading / unloading, stock statement, etc. This is integrated with TRADEANNEX® for Accounts Receivable and other Financial Accountingrelated business processes of the warehousing firm.
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Contract Billing Management
Service-oriented companies face challenge in keeping track of contract dates, due dates, billing, renewal, etc. Techlink's Contract Billing Management software makes life easy for such organisations. This is integrated with TRADEANNEX® for Billing, Accounts Receivable and other Financial Accounting related business processes of the service provider. For more details and demo click here

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