The Company

Propel its course on to the high-growth path of 'Total Technology Integration' by delivering Quality Products, Services & Solutions.

To achieve the distinction of being one among the top 500 IT Companies in India providing world class IT Solutions by the year 2015.

Techlink, The Company
Techlink, a premier Information Technology Company, was established in 1991 and subsequently incorporated in 1995. It is known for its track record of delivering high quality products and services to its customers. It has more than 500 man-years of experience in providing solutions in various functional and technology domains. With proven technology and functional expertise, it has established itself as a Low Risk Partner of its customers.

Techlink believes that success of its organization lies in the ability, agility and adaptability of its human resources to customer needs. Techlink has skilled professionals in Sales & Marketing, Technology Research and Development, Product Design and Development, and Technical Support. A strong team of highly qualified professionals work constantly to live up to the expectations of its customers

   Quality Commitment

With an unswerving commitment to quality, it has a well-defined Quality Policy and Objectives. Techlink is an ISO 9001 certified company.


Techlink has a sophisticated infrastructure to deliver products, solutions and services. It's corporate office in Mumbai is complete with an array of advanced workstations, cutting edge computing and network systems and power packed on-line servers. This facility provides an ideal and exclusive environment to creative and skilled professionals engaged in Research, Design, Development and Support activities. Infrastructure is well designed, scalable and fully networked with complete support services. High speed data communication links provide connectivity to clients worldwide. The uptime for Internet connectivity is 99.9%.

Servers Separate Production, Development and Web Server all running Windows Server 2003/2008, SQL Server 2005

High-end Workstations running Windows Vista / XP

Networking & Security
Installed capacity of 1 Mbps DSL Internet Connectivity, Stacked LAN Switches, Structured Cabling, VoIP Telephone with dedicated US number, WatchGuard Firewall &VPN Solution, eScan Antivirus protection

Source Code Control, Updates & Backup
Project source code is controlled through Visual SourceSafe. Periodic backup, OS & Software patch updates, virus updates for entire network and usage of licensed software are other highlights

Office Premises
Office is well equipped with uninterrupted power supply and other amenities required for running 24 x 7 research, design, development and support operations


Techlink management comprises three Directors3. These stack-holders of Techlink are hands-on managers too. They are fully committed to Techlink's Mission, Vision, Quality Policy and Objectives, and day-to-day operations of the company.

Santosh Bijagare
a young energetic ambitious technology educated lad from a small holy town in Maharashtra took a plunge to make it big in business, and founded a small outfit – Techlink – in 1991. He and Techlink had never looked back since then. He is a sharp negotiator. He is backbone personified of Techlink. He manages Sales, Technical Support, Purchase and Logistics.

K. R. Chaube
a young engineer with perfectionist attitude and corporate thinking, joined Santosh in 1992 and took the mettle of spearheading Marketing and Business Development activities of Techlink. Nurturing business relationships is intrinsic to him. This ability has helped him win over many corporate honchos and has brought in loads of Corporate as well as SME accounts to Techlink. He has been instrumental in changing the face of the company.

Samir Tapde
a computer engineer, joined Techlink in 1998 to start software division. He is an able Software Architect and a Multi-Domain expert. He has lead from front major turnkey projects. He is the architect of Techlink's very own product – TRADEANNEX ® Trading ERP Software. He has played an important role in establishing off-shore software development practice at Techlink. He manages Software Products and Solutions Practices for Techlink. In addition, he handles the Finance and HR.

   Key Team Members

S. Muhilan
Prashant Bandiwadekar
Viresh Kadulkar
Devesh Dwivedi
K. P. Unnikrishnan

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